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Enabling robust cyber security through advanced R&D

For more than a decade, Battelle has been trusted by elite government clients to solve some of their most perplexing cyber challenges and prepare for the changing cyber landscape of tomorrow. Our innovative solutions challenge conventional problem-solving approaches to gain rapid tactical advantage over the most aggressive adversaries.

In an environment where cyber operations are a matter of national security, Battelle stands ready to help sustain U.S. cyberspace dominance.

  • Focused, custom solutions. Battelle offers tailored, cross-domain mission solutions and responses to unconventional cyber challenges.
  • Unique tools, technology and expertise. We pair decades of experience in hardware engineering and software development, cyber security, cyber policy and intelligence analytics with dedicated labs and proprietary technology.
  • Exceptional, discipline-diverse talent. The team includes 150 cyber professionals accredited in their fields and backed by a Battelle network of 1,500+ scientists and engineers with expertise in nearly every field.

This, combined with an extensive understanding of adversary behavior and the associated threats, fully equip Battelle to support our warfighters on the cyber battlefield.

The right, mission-ready solutions


Investing in the future of innovation

Battelle is dedicated to developing the next-generation cyber workforce through collegiate hackathons, university course development, campus student groups and support of the annual SAE Battelle Cyber Auto Challenge

Interested in a full-time position, internship or co-op? Check out Battelle's Cyber career opportunities.

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