Life Sciences Research

Fast, accurate answers for discovery, safety and efficacy.

Battelle is a global leader in Life Sciences Research by virtue of our integrated scientific and technological capabilities, world-class facilities and ability to meet both routine and unique technical, development and regulatory needs of global pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

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Analytical & Bioanalytical Methods of Development and Validation

Battelle maintains a robust bioanalytical capability to complement our agent-specific therapeutic and vaccine testing models. Learn ​more about our full range of capabilities.

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Assay Development/ Biomarkers

Battelle’s comprehensive experience in developing, validating and performing assays for nonclinical and clinical biomarker evaluation for pharmaceutical product and diagnostic development, coupled with our regulatory compliance expertise, helps accelerate the pace and productivity of drug discovery and development programs. See our Biomarker Assay services.



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Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Diseases

As infectious disease threats like Zika and Ebola emerge, Battelle is uniquely positioned to provide advanced expertise and capabilities to accelerate scientific discovery for infectious disease research, efficacy and safety, testing and evaluation. Learn more about our Disease Models.

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Biologics Development

With 30 years of drug development experience for commercial and government clients, as well as our international presence, Battelle has a proven background in the complexities of U.S., European and Asian regulatory guidelines. Every biologic project that Battelle conducts is customized to meet the needs of the client, reducing time and enhancing efficiency while providing accurate and reliable results. Explore our Biologics Development services.

Disease Repository Services

​Disease Repository Management

From scientific staffing to repository management, we provide a range of professional services to support your mission, at our site or yours. We have decades of laboratory management experience and have been trusted to oversee critical projects for the CDC, NIH, EPA and many other government agencies. Learn more about our Disease Repository Management capabilities.

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Toxicology Services

Whether you’re trying to get a new vaccine or therapeutic to market or quantify the exposure risks of an industrial or agricultural chemical, you can count on the Battelle toxicology team for the answers you need. We offer the following services: