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Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are the foundation on which Battelle’s business is built. Our scientists and researchers rely on their STEM expertise every day to drive innovation. This drives our conviction that all young people deserve a strong foundation in STEM. Together with public and private partners, we’re bringing quality STEM education to millions of students across the U.S.

Battelle Education

To speed innovation in education, Battelle launched a nonprofit venture in STEM: Battelle Education.

Battelle Education is helping communities come together to build STEM-focused schools. We provide training to teachers to help them reach more students, and we’re working with school administrators to help them apply lessons from our model schools to their own buildings. 

Battelle Education is transforming the promise of STEM education into real impact.

Tools for Teachers

Tools for ​School Administrators

Tools for STEM Organizations

Our Work in Action

State-based STEM networks connect the best STEM schools, educators and teachers to each other so they can share best practices and maximize their nationwide impact.

Learn more about the STEM Learning Networks Battelle manages.

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