• Our commitment to education, written into the will of our founder, runs deep at Battelle. We partner with communities, states, educators, national laboratories and industry leaders to promote innovative and effective Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. We support programs that grow our future STEM workforce and prepare today’s students to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

    With our nationwide network of offices and labs, Battelle is uniquely positioned to impact STEM education and link educational initiatives to workforce needs. Click here to visit the Ohio STEM Learning Network website or the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network website.

    National Laboratories. Each of the eight laboratories that Battelle manages or co-manages supports innovative STEM programs in their communities.

    Regional Offices. Battelle’s 100+ regional offices work to advance STEM with education programs and scholarships in their local areas.

    STEMx. A nationwide network of state STEM organizations, STEMx is working to transform science, technology, engineering and math education at the grassroots level. Managed by Battelle, STEMx connects leading state STEM organizations to one another, leveraging their strengths for maximum impact.

  • BattelleEd, a venture of Battelle, manages STEM networks and programs including the Ohio STEM Learning Network and the national STEMx network.

    BattelleEd brings together innovative educators, leading STEM advocates, and policy makers to create education solutions that will foster America's next generation of innovators.

  • We believe that quality STEM education is the best way for children to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. That includes great learning opportunities outside of the classroom at museums, libraries, zoos, summer camps and other creative centers.

  • State-based STEM networks connect the best STEM schools, educators and teachers to each other, so they can share best practices and maximize their nationwide impact. Battelle manages two state STEM networks, the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) and the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN), as well as the country’s only multi-state STEM network, STEMx

  • Geauga seeks first STEM principal

    A team from the Ohio STEM Learning Network has been working closely with educators and administrators from Geauga to sketch plans for a new STEM school. Now, they're ready to take applications for the...

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  • Schools open for tours and professional development

    Bringing the best in STEM education to your school isn’t easy. You need to see what works and get one-on-one guidance to customize these practices to fit your students’ needs. The Ohio STEM Learning...

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  • Sad news

    Over the weekend, Margaret Ashida, Executive Director of STEMx, passed away. The education community has lost a leading advocate.

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  • Remembering Margaret Ashida

    The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network is indescribably saddened by the passing of STEMx director, Margaret Ashida. Margaret was an endeared Battelle Education colleague, a tireless advocate for STEM...

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  • Metro and Dublin students dive into new design challenge

    Andy Bruening is a science teacher at Metro Early College High School, one of the STEM schools in the Ohio STEM Learning Network. He recently tipped us off to a great event on Friday. This event is...

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