STEM Education

Giving inspire the next generation of innovators

Our Central Ohio philanthropy: The Battelle STEM Grant Program funds creative integrations of STEM into dance, art and more.

National laboratories: Each of the eight laboratories that Battelle manages or co-manages supports innovative STEM programs in their communities.

Regional offices: Battelle’s 100+ regional offices work to advance STEM with education programs and scholarships in their local areas.

Our venture for STEM: Battelle Education

Battelle Education is Battelle’s nonprofit venture in STEM.

We're helping communities come together to build their own STEM-focused schools. We're providing training to teachers to help them reach more students. And we're working with school leaders to help them apply lessons from our model schools to their own buildings. Battelle Education is transforming the promise of STEM education into real impact.

Major projects managed by Battelle or Battelle Education

Ohio STEM Learning Network: Formed with support from the State of Ohio, the Ohio Business Roundtable, and the Gates Foundation, Battelle set this organization on the path for success. Starting with a single STEM school in 2006, the network now counts 25 Ohio schools as exemplars of innovative education.

Tennessee STEM Innovation Network: Backed by an executive order from the Governor of Tennessee, this network is a partnership between Battelle and the Tennessee Department of Education. With start-up funding provided through Race to the Top, today Tennessee has ten STEM schools and six regional STEM organizations.

STEMx Network: As STEM education has grown to a national movement, state STEM organizations clamored for a long-term platform for sharing knowledge and planning solutions. To fill that gap, a coalition of leaders created the STEMx network. Battelle Education grew the network from seven members to 20 in just three years. In 2014, STEMx hosted its own stand-alone conference - STEMxchange.

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