The Challenge

The Battelle CyberAuto Challenge establishes integrated teams of students scientists, government personnel, and auto industry engineers that engage in a practicum-based series of challenges. 

You will work on real cars. You will engage with government and industry and maybe help influence decisions and policies - and you will help develop a network of mentors and colleagues for the next chapter of your life. 

Working Groups

Battelle's CyberAuto Challenge seeks to compose groups which have an equal ration of working professionals to students, and embody many different points of view - from automotive manufactures to the Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense, to different research organizations, and students at different levels and with slightly different technical backgrounds.

Teaching is not lecture-based and this is not going to be the environment in which everyone has the same background and training. Carefully chose, gifted participants interface openly with everyone else on their team: everyone can learn something from everyone else, and the nature of the course work and practicum will stress intra-team interactions. 

Value Proposition

There is a value for all participants. Professionals can seek interns or employees from the student attendee; students can educate the professionals about emerging trends and upcoming waves such as crowd-sourcing and emerging studies. Knowledge seekers from different backgrounds can all work on hard, realistic problems and forge mentor or cooperative relationships. 

Cyber Auto Challenge FAQ

  Where is the challenge located?

Delphi Corporation in Troy, Michigan is graciously hosting the course-work part of this year's Camp. The Tuesday social event and featured "Privacy in the Age of Cyber-Automotive" discussion will be held at the Henry Ford Museum.

2.0  Is food and lodging provided? 

Food and lodging are provided at no charge for participating students.

3.0  What does this cost?

Free of charge for the student. This includes meals, lodging, instructional materials, and local transportation while at the event. The student is responsible to and from the Challenge.

4.0  Is this legal?

Yes, Battelle has taken great care to include Government and Industry in this event as well as the research community. The curriculum stresses both the legal and the ethical aspects of this research, and part of the process of getting "accepted" to the event is an attestation of ethical grounding by your institution. Furthermore, all participants must sign legally binding nondisclosure agreements prior to work.

5.0  Can family members attend?

Guests are welcome to attend the social on Tuesday evening and the closing remarks on Friday. Location information, parking instructions, and any required notifications will be covered when you register.

6.0  How do I get more information?

Send an email with your name and school in the subject line to or call 410.540.4060.

7.0  How do I sign up?

If you are a student, you must first be nominated by your school administrator.  Please have them contact Battelle at 410-540-4060 or

If you are from industry, government, or academia, please contact Battelle at 410-540-4060 or