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Medical Devices

Battelle works daily at the intersection of science and technology and is pioneering ways to help people overcome devastating neurological damage and disorders.

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Environmental Restoration

There are many approaches to site remediation, but which is the best one for your site? Battelle can help you cut through the complexity and understand your risks and options.

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Battelle looks holistically at the links between climate, environment and people, and identifies the datasets, analysis and capacity building required to boost resilience.

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Featured Products and Services by Battelle

Contaminated Sites
PFAS Assessment

From the field to the lab, Battelle is leading the way in development of new solutions for emerging environmental problems—like per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

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Forensic Genomics
Battelle ExactID®

Our ExactID software allows you to exploit the full power of massively parallel sequencing (MPS) technologies, to find new leads in genetic data previously considered unusable.

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NeuroLife® Technology

For a person with a nervous system injury, everyday tasks can be overwhelming – if not impossible. Battelle’s technology aims to help patients overcome these hurdles.

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VIDEO: Battelle is Advancing Neurotechnology Capabilities

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math problems on a board

The Power of a Strong Technical Partner

Posted by Vicki A. Barbur on Feb 11, 2019

Many of today’s most transformative products require deep expertise, but few companies have the internal resources to rely solely on themselves.

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The participants in Battelle's NeuroLife AMA event on Reddit

Our Work in Neurotechnology: You Asked; We Answered

Posted by Battelle Insider on Jan 30, 2019

We recently hosted an I Am A … Ask Me Anything session on Reddit about our NeuroLife® technology and received more than 250 questions.

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aerial view from NEON AOP

Understanding Earth’s Ecology from Above

Posted by Battelle Insider on Jan 28, 2019

The NEON Airborne Observation Platform is an array of instruments installed into a light aircraft to collect high resolution remote sensing data.

Learn More about Understanding Earth’s Ecology from Above