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Do You Know Your Users?

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Battelle uLAB

Are You Participating in a uLAB Study?

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Battelle develops human-centered full-service usability studies as unique as your end user. Whether you are at the concept phase or nearly ready for market, get the user data you need to ensure that your product is usable, safe and effective for your end users.

We conduct focus groups, usability studies and human factors testing in a carefully controlled environment under a strict quality system to ensure that your user data is reliable, accurate and usable. Our comprehensive approach allows us to deliver clear, understandable insights and defensible data that you can use to guide product development. Whether you have a small device or a complex system that must meet complex regulatory requirements, our staff can design and execute the user research you need.


Our capabilities include:

  • Full-service turnkey user research, including protocol development, participant recruiting and payment, data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Formative and validation usability studies conducted according to the FDA guidelines for medical device development
  • Software usability testing and mobile testing with remote access for long distance and international participants
  • Professional study participant recruiting
  • Internal Institutional Review Board (IRB)
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User Research Services  
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  • Protocol Development
  • Contextual Inquiry/User Research
  • Co-Development and Participatory Research
  • Ergonomic Measurement
  • Focus Groups
  • Formative and Validation Testing
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Human Performance Teszting
  • Risk Management/Safety Testing
  • Simulated Environmental Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Collection, Statistical Analysis and Reporting
  • Rapid Prototyping and Simulation


Battelle’s multidisciplinary research staff has backgrounds and expertise in human factors, usability analysis, cognitive psychology, and design. We have experience conducting all types of user research, including medical, industrial and government clients, with product testing for medical devices, consumer products, software interfaces, military equipment and beyond. We specialize in designing real-world use scenarios for usability studies involving specialized user groups.

Battelle uLAB Exterior

Our Facility

The 4,500-square-foot Battelle uLAB is located at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, steps away from our Consumer, Industrial & Medical Products development lab. The facility has been specially designed to facilitate the observation and evaluation of human behavior as participants demonstrate their use of various medical devices, consumer products or software systems.

It features:

  • Five rooms configured to test everything from hardware and software to full-scale interiors for office and home environments.
  • Private intake rooms and a medical exam table for clinical consultations (for studies that have a focus on medical devices).
  • Available remote access for software usability testing, which opens up recruiting to long distance and international participants.

In addition to our on-site user research lab, Battelle has on-demand access to user labs and simulation sites across the nation.

uLab Locations Worldwide


Our uLAB enables the development of safe, effective medical devices by prioritizing the user. We can execute full-service user research, from study design to data analysis and reporting, to ensure you get the best data from even the most complex requirements.