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The next generation of STEM talent will be tasked with solving the world’s most pressing issues. That’s why Battelle is steadfast in its commitment to make STEM education accessible to as many students as possible. We work with educators, policymakers, industries and communities to bring STEM learning to young, talented students everywhere.

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Battelle Education

Expanding Access to STEM

Battelle is a trusted partner for many states in providing carefully curated STEM and workforce development programming. We leverage our deep STEM networks as incubators for educators who seek to implement the best in STEM education practices. By using decades of experience in executing some of the most challenging STEM education projects, we've helped launch schools, state networks and so much more. 

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Photo: STEM Student working on engineering project with help from teacher
Photo: stem educator helping two students with engineering project

A mission-driven non-profit

Focused on the Future  

Though Battelle is a large organization, we're still a mission-focused non-profit. In the words of our founder, expanding STEM education is just our way of doing the "greatest good for humanity."  But inspiring a new generation of innovators is more than our mission, it’s essential to growing the leaders who will shape our future.  STEM is in our organizational DNA–and we offer that perspective to all of our education-focused clients. 

STEM Philanthropy

Investing in Tomorrow

Battelle directly invests in the expansion of high-quality STEM education programs. Our targeted philanthropy bridges the gap between STEM learning and underserved and traditionally overlooked student populations. Our annual grant awards are helping reach talented young students who may have not otherwise had access to STEM programs that support their interest.


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Supporting STEM Learning in Our Communities

For the third year, Battelle funded new STEM education experiences through the Ohio STEM Learning Network STEM Classroom Grants, reaching more than 68,000 students across Ohio.
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STEM Education Staff

Meet Our STEM Experts

Battelle has some of the best employees working to solve the world’s most difficult challenges. And education is no exception. Meet the people that help spread and innovate STEM education.

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