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ICR24's mission is to bring together the world's brightest minds to solve the greatest challenge of our time. This year's theme “Solutions For Scaling Change”, captures the urgency and the growing need for innovations at scale to meet the monumental task of addressing climate change. The focus areas of the conference include empowering action for rapid carbon neutrality, investing in climate resilient infrastructure, systems to fortify our future and advancing sustainability solutions for the next generation.

Keynote Speakers and Panelists

Solutions For Scaling Change

Technical Program Overview

The summer of 2023 was the hottest on record, according to data from the European Union Climate Change Service, and the year 2023 as a whole marked unimaginable extreme weather events across the globe. In the face of the increasing climate change, the world's greatest innovators are coming together to develop real solutions to help humanity address, mitigate and adapt to climate change for global stability.

ICR24 is your opportunity to join scientists and researchers from academia, industry and government working at the forefront of climate innovation.  Together, our goal is to envision and build a better, more sustainable future for generations to come. Whether it's restoring our ecosystems, enabling adaptation of our built infrastructure or dramatically reducing the trajectory of causative factors, our efforts are establishing the groundwork for scalable climate solutions.

Program Themes

Investing in Climate Resilient InfrastructureNavigating Climate Risks: Modeling and Risk AssessmentHarnessing Ecosystems & Biodiversity for Climate ResilienceEmpowering Resilience with Technology and DesignPrioritizing Resilience: Policy, Collaboration, and Environmental Justice

Empowering Rapid Carbon NeutralityDecarbonizing Hard-to-Abate SectorsCarbon Capture & Storage: From Concept to ImplementationNet-Zero Energy & Conservation MeasuresPolicy Perspectives on Accelerating Carbon Emission Reduction

Next Gen Sustainability & ImplementationUnderstanding and Addressing the Water CrisisProtecting, Expanding, & Maintaining Agricultural SustainabilityStrategies for a Successful Sustainable TransitionTranslating Climate Science into Effective Policy & Community Acceptance

ICR Partners and Sponsors

ICR24 is organized and presented by Battelle in partnership with the following National Laboratories and organizations and sponsors:

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Proceedings, presentations, videos and photos for the 2022 and 2023 Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference are now available to the public.

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