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Attention media professionals! You don't want to miss the opportunity to be part of the discussion toward a more resilient future. Join us at the Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference, where the focus is on building resilient communities and finding real solutions to climate change.

This year's ICR25 theme, "Partner, Accelerate, Launch," calls on leaders and innovators to join forces, accelerate solutions to climate change, and successfully launch these groundbreaking solutions. Join us to spotlight the urgent need for scalable innovations in addressing climate challenges. 

Submit your registration request today to be the first to report on the latest advancements that are making our planet healthier and more sustainable. We look forward to having you with us! 

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Technical Program Overview

Media professionals are invited to review the ICR technical program and learn more about a gathering of the brightest minds in sustainability, mitigation, and adaptation. The event features keynote speeches, platform and poster presentations, as well as panel discussions.


Program Themes

Investing in Climate Resilient InfrastructureClimate Risk Assessment for Government, Commercial, Civilian ResilienceTransitioning Nature-based Solutions (to Market)Innovative Technologies for ResiliencePrioritizing Resilience: Policy, Collaboration, and Environmental Justice

Market Mechanisms
(technology & process)
for Carbon Neutrality
Climate Action for HealthCarbon Capture & Storage: ScalingProfitable Green EnergyAI in Climate

Entrepreneurship in SustainabilityWater and Air Quality TechnologiesNutrition, Food Security, and AgricultureStrategies for a Successful Sustainable TransitionTranslating Climate Science into Effective Policy & Community Acceptance

Confirmed Keynote Speakers and Panelists

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