Our Human Centric Design Team

We consider ourselves fortunate to have some of the brightest and most creative minds walking our hallways and working in our labs.

  • m scott ulrich

    Scott Ulrich

    Industrial Design Lead

    Scott Ulrich is a Senior Industrial Designer in the Human Centric Design group at Battelle. He has more than 20 years of industrial design experience applying a human-centered design approach to a wide variety of projects. His career at Battelle spans 18 years working on multi-disciplinary teams...

  • andrew sweeney

    Andrew Sweeney

    Industrial Designer

    Andrew Sweeney has 10 years of experience in commercial product design and medical device development field. He has experience working on multi-disciplinary teams consisting of industrial designers, mechanical/electrical/systems engineers, scientists and human factors engineers. He spent...

  • shane stassen

    Shane Stassen

    Senior Human Factors Researcher

    Shane Stassen has a background in user-centered product design, and he possesses more than 18 years of experience in applying human factors design principles to the development of commercial and government products. As a member of Battelle’s Human Centric Design (HCD) group, Shane currently...

  • jessica sanford

    Jessica Sanford

    Research Scientist

    Jessica Sanford is a Research Scientist with more than 25 years of experience in providing scientific and technical support to clients in government and private sectors. Her background is in quantitative psychology and the observation, measurement and analysis of human behavior. While in graduate...

  • annie diorio-blum

    Annie Diorio-Blum

    Contextual Research Lead, Senior Industrial Designer

    Annie Diorio-Blum has 11 years of experience in the medical device design and product development field. She has experience working in multi-disciplinary teams consisting of industrial designers, engineers and human factors engineers. She has spent the majority of her career primarily focused on...

  • amena

    Amena Shermadou

    Human Factors Researcher

    As a Human Factors Researcher, Amena Shermadou supports usability studies to address the needs and requirements of users in the development and evaluation of programs, systems and products. Amena helps with developing study documents, moderating data collection sessions and analyzing and reporting...

  • krista smith

    Krista Alley Smith

    Industrial Designer

    Krista Alley Smith has more than seven years of experience within the medical device and consumer product development industries. As an Industrial Designer, she focuses on uncovering the root causes behind user needs in order to design safe and effective solutions. Krista is a versatile member of...

  • russell kittel

    Russell Kittel

    Industrial Designer

    Russell Kittel joined the Human Centric Design Team in November 2016. In school, Russell was a member of the Science Academy where he designed, built and tested robots, and traveled to Hawaii to compete in the Underwater Robotic Competition against schools and companies such as MIT and...

  • t grant leffingwell

    Grant Leffingwell

    Senior Research Scientist, Certified Usability Analyst

    As a Principal Research Scientist and a Certified Usability Analyst, Grant Leffingwell supports human factors (HF) research and development programs for government, healthcare and commercial industries. He understand how users cognitively and practically interact with technology, in particular with...

  • jen lau-simkins

    Jennifer Simkins

    User Experience/User Interface Designer, Certified Usability Analyst

    Jennifer Simkins has more than a decade of experience as a visual designer working within the healthcare and consumer industries. Her UX/UI design experience includes integrating user-centered analysis throughout the design process to inform design decisions, the development of wireframes and...