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Kate Kucharzyk is Cleaning Up at Work

Sep 25, 2017, 09:11 AM
Kate Kucharzyk is leading efforts to expand Battelle’s metagenomic and proteomics capabilities for environmental clients.
Title : Kate Kucharzyk is Cleaning Up at Work
Post author : Battelle Insider
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Dr. Kate Kucharzyk is developing new advanced diagnostic tools to shed light on problems ranging from reduction of soil and groundwater contamination to microbially induced corrosion.

A Principal Research Scientist and Environmental Microbiologist on the Battelle Environmental Remediation team, Kate is leading efforts to expand Battelle’s metagenomic and proteomics capabilities for environmental clients. She brings more than 10 years of research experience with a focus on protein and microbiome analysis.

While her background is in environmental microbiology, her scientific expertise spans many areas, including proteomics and protein characterization, mass spectrometry, environmental monitoring, fungal biochemistry, biological and chemical remediation and assay development.

Kate’s primary focus is on bioremediation, in which microorganisms directly break down contaminants. She is working to find new remediation methods for contaminants that do not respond to standard treatments and to develop new diagnostic tools for monitoring of their degradation.

Learn more about Kate's work.

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Kate Kucharzyk
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