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Healthcare innovation is at the core of what you do. You’ve set far-reaching goals, posed challenging questions, and formulated ideas to change human health as we know it.

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Our team of expert problem-solvers are as passionate as you are about finding solutions to the world’s most pressing health challenges. Combining decades of experience with the tools and resources to push the limits of what’s possible, we turn research, theories and ideas into practical solutions that impact lives.

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We work shoulder to shoulder across markets to improve health and save lives. To protect public health, to provide resources to the front lines, and to develop groundbreaking therapies and technologies.
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Medical Devices

Research and innovation helping you push boundaries, create new markets, and develop best-in-class technology to improve human health and well-being.


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Life Sciences Research

For over 40 years, government and commercial clients have counted on Battelle’s life sciences research expertise and facilities to protect human health by developing, testing, and validating vaccines, therapeutics and assays.
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Public Health

Battelle leverages global, public, and environmental health research to inform program and policy decisions on a broad range of public health issues - from infectious disease prevention to health preparedness.

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Chemical and Biological Countermeasures

Battelle's proactive approach pairs research with long-standing expertise to deliver solutions to foresee, assess, and respond to chemical and biological threats.

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Accelerating Human Health and Performance

We partner with agencies and institutes to develop transformational technologies and procedures to analyze and mitigate the mental, physical, and environmental threats of their duties.
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Battelle is looking for scientists and engineers that are passionate about making the world a better place. You’ll work alongside thought-leaders who solve difficult challenges and find global solutions. Join our team.
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Technology Commercialization and Licensing

With over 90 years of research and development experience, Battelle supports all areas of industry with “out of the box” thinking that is focused on medical and diagnostic devices, neurotechnology, health research and data analytics, pharmaceutical sciences, public health and more.  

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