Advanced Materials

A Legacy of Innovative Material Applications

Battelle applies over 90 years of expertise to develop industry-leading methods to global advanced materials applications. By combining our deep legacy of physics, chemistry, biophysics, materials science and chemical engineering we provide groundbreaking client solutions.
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Comprehensive, Powerful Material Solutions

We solve the world’s most difficult challenges by delivering unmatched products, functionality and services. Our best-in-class research in the physical and chemical properties of natural, synthetic and composite materials is informed by industry-leading expertise in fundamental materials science and applied materials engineering.

Materials Expertise

We develop innovative solutions that change the world. Our deep understanding of advanced materials, combined with an interdisciplinary approach that unites various scientific and engineering fields, helps clients achieve their goals across all areas of government and industry.


At Battelle we apply advanced biology, engineering and materials expertise to create cutting-edge biomaterial solutions.
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Our experts characterize the performance of a range of composites and develop composites with new properties to improve quality.
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At Battelle, we apply synthetic composite materials expertise, including carbon-carbon, to solve our client's greatest materials challenges in health, national security, infrastructure and industry.
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Battelle Solvers deliver state-of-the-art integrated circuit security solutions ranging from design, verification, and testing of electronic devices, integrated circuits, and embedded systems.
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Battelle Solvers create advanced ceramic innovations for applications in industry, health and national security.
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Fibers & Textiles

Battelle delivers real-world fiber and fabrics solutions for everything from CBRNE to neurotechology and medical devices applications.
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Battelle Solvers apply innovative nanomaterial research solutions to government and industry including functionalized nanomaterials and coatings.
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Solid-State Physics

Battelle has over fifty years of solid-state physics expertise that has helped both government and industry meet their greatest technological challenges.
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Coatings and Adhesives

From corrosion-fighting smart coatings to novel high pressure/high temperature materials, some of today’s most innovative breakthroughs in materials science start at Battelle.
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Battelle Solvers have over 90 years of experience researching and developing real-world metallurgy solutions for government and industry.
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Polymers and Plastics

Battelle applies polymers and plastics research to create solutions ranging from climate resilience to medical devices, and more.
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Our Process: From Concept to Implementation

ProcessesFocus AreaOutcome
Materials Engineering and CharacterizationStudying, developing and determining the correct materials and how they will perform in their environment.
Chemistry and FormulationCreating and conforming solutions based on scientific discovery and specific use.
  • Organic and Polymer Synthesis
  • Functional Coatings
  • Encapsulation/Controlled Release
  • Bio-Based Material Solutions
  • Neurotechnology
Chemical and Biochemical EngineeringRedeveloping engineering practices, processes and functionality to meet evolving industry needs.
Materials Physics, Simulation, and Advanced SystemsDefining product or process from concept with initial renderings, testing and more.
MicrofabricationProviding reliable and safe material solutions for signal, temperature and other situations requiring extensive protections.
  • Metallic Mesh Coatings for De-ice/de-fog and EMI Shielding
  • Chip Based Exploding Foil Initiators (EFI)


The New Science of Corrosion

Battelle has pioneered a new approach to detecting and mitigating corrosion. The Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector® capsule uses encapsulation technology to deliver a self-healing payload when corrosion is detected.

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Photo: Child drinking water that may have negative PFAS health effects
Photo: Child drinking water that may have negative PFAS health effects

Solutions with Impact

Your challenge is our mission. Battelle’s products, services, and innovations are engineered to surpass expectations while creating and expanding markets.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Anti-Fouling and Anti-Corrosion Solutions  
  • Biobased Materials
  • Coatings and Films  
  • Electronic Materials  
  • Encapsulation by Design  
  • Energetic Materials  
  • Energy Storage  
  • Engineered Particles 
  • Formulation Design  
  • Functionalized Surfaces Design  
  • High-Temperature Materials  
  • Nanotechnology  
  • Polymer and Composite Materials  
  • Sustainable Materials Development  
  • Thermal Protection/Anti-Icing Technology 

Solving Material-Related Medical Device Failures

Prevent failures before they occur with a proactive approach to material selection and process engineering.
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Advanced Materials Facilities

Florida Materials Research Facility – When you need to understand how your products, coatings, materials or equipment will hold up under real-world conditions, put them to the test at Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility. We can help you protect your bottom line and make better warranty and development decisions with accurate information about product performance under environmental conditions.

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Clean Room – Our Class 100 clean room has the ability to model coating designs and fabricate coatings to meet your custom system requirements, whatever the material, on virtually any shape or size.

Center for the Characterization of Advanced Materials (CCAM) – Our CCAM suite of services and expertise includes advanced materials characterization solutions from scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopy to X-ray diffraction and hardness testing.

Physical Property Testing Lab – Our PPT Lab and expertise are available to clients for color and weathering studies, researching the viscosity of liquids, gels, and pastes including the physical properties of liquids, abrasion testing and fabric and rubber quality control tests.

Chemical Analysis and Spectroscopy Labs – At Battelle, you’ll find world-class expertise and equipment for mass spectrometry and the regulatory permits to work with even the most challenging analytes and matrices. Our experienced team of study directors and investigators will work with you to design a study around your requirements, including sampling methods, analytical techniques and data interpretation.

Photo: Florida Materials Research Facility

Featured Experts

Join the Battelle Advanced Materials Team

Join our scientists and engineers in the Battelle Advanced Materials group to solve the world’s most complex challenges. We are continuously looking for new solvers to work with us. Talk to us today about your ideas for the future.
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Technology Commercialization and Licensing

With over 90 years of research and development experience, Battelle supports all areas of industry with “out of the box” thinking that is focused on medical and diagnostic devices, neurotechnology, health research and data analytics, pharmaceutical sciences, public health and more.  

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