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Battelle's cross-disciplinary approach to applied research is redefining digital communications while simultaneously meeting the never-ending challenges of the cyber domain.
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Pushing the Limits of What’s Possible

What we know is what makes us different. Our cross-disciplinary teams and wide range of expertise, allow us to deliver solutions and advanced technologies to address the world’s toughest challenges and answer the needs of today and tomorrow.

Our Milestones in Communications

Photo: Xerox machine designed by Battelle Solvers


Instrumental in the research and development of the Xerox machine, Battelle sold its patents and rights to Haloid Co. (later Xerox Corp.) in 1955.

Photo: Fiber optic cables glowing

Fiber-Optic Technology for Telecommunications

In 1971, Battelle perfected and patented a system of transferring information through the modulation of a laser beam, providing the catalyst for their early fiber optics work. Years later in 1987, Battelle joined forces with Mitsubishi and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation to form Photon Integration Research Inc. (PIRI) to commercialize fiber optic technologies.

Photo: Abstract photo of a high-frequency software defined radio


Battelle designs and manufactures the pChannel Radio, offering the highest dynamic range of any radio that  samples the entire HF frequency range to mitigate interference and increase the detection of small signals.

Photo: close up shot of compact discs stacked on top of each other

Compact Disc

Battelle pioneered the method to record digital information on optical discs. Our licensees include virtually all manufacturers of compact discs.

Battelle RavenStar™

RavenStar™ is a ultrawide bandwidth steerable RU, with an integrated antenna, that can simultaneously support the entire FR1 band. Learn how this groundbreaking antenna simplifies the complexities of building out 5G networks (and beyond) while reducing cost.
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Technology Commercialization and Licensing

With over 90 years of research and development experience, Battelle supports all areas of industry with creative and informed thinking focused on digital communications and other ready-to-implement intellectual property solutions.

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