Assessment and Monitoring

Insights for Action

Battelle helps our clients gain insights on the human health and economic impact of environmental issues through world-class expertise and applied science. Our multidisciplinary approach provides actionable information for addressing the world’s greatest environmental challenges.
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Solving for a Changing World

We focus on developing, evaluating and implementing technologies, processes and tools to prevent or reduce pollution of land, air and water and to protect and restore ecosystems.  

Our Solutions

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    Air Quality Solutions

    When you need accurate, objective answers for air quality questions, count on Battelle. We provide comprehensive technical support and subject matter expertise for your air quality needs. 
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    Sediment Management Solutions

    Complex sediment management challenges require complex answers. Battelle has the expertise you need to develop a strategic sediment management plan to fit your needs.
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    Aquatic Environments

    At Battelle, we understand how fragile the marine and coastal environment is. We can help safe guard these environments and solve your most complex marine and coastal challenges.

Ecosystem Monitoring

Climate resilience is complex—requiring a broad perspective that spans climatology, natural ecosystems, social and economic systems and infrastructure. Battelle teams collaborate across disciplines to apply a “climate lens” to understand risks, vulnerabilities and impacts across sectors, and devise and monitor solutions for government and private clients.
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National Ecological Observatory Network

Battelle has proudly managed the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) program for the National Science Foundation (NSF) since 2016.

NEON is the largest ecological observatory network in the U.S., with 81 field sites spanning the country from Puerto Rico to Alaska to Hawaii. The program collects ecological data for 30 years from terrestrial and aquatic field sites in 20 North American ecoclimate domains, creating an open access data trove for the ecology community of unprecedented scope and scale.

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The NEON program provides:

  • Free, long-term, continental-scale environmental data through the NEON Data Portal
  • Access to biological, genomic and geological samples collected at NEON sites through the NEON  Biorepository 
  • Infrastructure to support additional research activities (available through the NEON Assignable Assets program)
  • Open access educational tools to help researchers and students work with large sets of ecological data 

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment Expertise 

We guide our clients through risk assessment development to final remediation goals.  

  • Soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, outdoor air, vapor intrusion and food products (fruits, vegetables, animal products, fish)
  • Freshwater, estuarine, wetland and terrestrial habitats
  • Chemicals of concern found at current or legacy military sites (e.g., PCBs, dioxins/furans, PAHs, VOC solvents, TPH and TPH fractions, MEC, pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides)
  • Emerging contaminants (e.g., PFAS)

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Technology Commercialization and Licensing 

With over 90 years of research and development experience, Battelle supports all areas of industry with intellectual property focused on supply chain assurance including non-destructive, rapid inspection technologies, and full range of risk mitigation solutions. 

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