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A Legacy of Trust

Experience matters when it comes to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE). For more than 70 years, government agencies and industries alike have trusted Battelle to help solve some of their most complex and important CBRNE challenges.
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Protecting What Matters Most 

Battelle is home to advanced facilities and leading industry experts providing end-to-end solutions from threat awareness to complex systems integration to ensure the nation is prepared to respond to current and emerging CBRNE threats.

Our Solutions


Battelle’s REBS +™ Bioidentification System represents a revolutionary change to the biological defense landscape. It collects and identifies airborne biological materials every 30 seconds, provides identification results to the network within 2-3 minutes, and has a limit of identification (LOI) of 5 particles per liter of air (PPL).
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