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Research and innovation helping you push boundaries, create new markets, and develop best-in-class technology to improve human health and well-being.
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Advancing Your Medical Device Innovation

Tap into a wealth of multidisciplinary expertise and first-in-class intellectual property development with Battelle. Work with us to elevate your projects, set new industry benchmarks, and deliver sustainable, advanced medical device solutions that revolutionize healthcare.

Over sixty-five years of developing successful, market leading, regulated medical products has resulted in robust risk reduction strategies, comprehensive development processes, and design controls expertise to confidently launch your medical device to market. Take advantage of our deep innovation pedigree and investment in talent development to produce resilient, cutting-edge products.

With Battelle, you get more than a range of services; you gain a partner who is as invested in your success as you are, ready to create new markets and transform the medical device industry.

Our Solutions

Medical Device Design and Development

Our comprehensive approach to product design and development is carefully constructed to help you solve previously unsolvable problems. Create rapid response solutions and forge into new markets with our deep knowledge base and proven medical device development process.
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Our comprehensive approach to product design and development is carefully constructed to help you solve previously unsolvable problems. Create rapid response solutions and forge into new markets with our deep knowledge base and proven medical device development process.
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Drug Delivery

Novel therapies are changing the face of medicine. Getting them safely to patients requires innovative drug delivery. When you encounter a challenge where the solution seems just out of reach, or you need a partner in innovation, Battelle’s scientists, engineers, human-centered designers, and world-class facilities can help deliver your product to market with confidence.
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Technology for License

We don’t seek to compete with our clients, but we regularly innovate to solve unmet market needs. Elevate your potential for innovation with our extensive medical device IP portfolio. Our first-in-class intellectual property can help you fast-track development projects and position your company as a medical device market leader.
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A Proven History of Successful Product Development

65 +

years of medical device design and development experience

250 +

companies assisted as their medical device research and development partner

85 %

of clients who work with Battelle engage with us for follow-on programs

100 +

granted and pending medical technology patents

CDO Vs. In-House

Learn why organizations choose to partner with Contact Design and Development Organizations (CDO) like Battelle and how to select the right collaborator for you.
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Accelerate Your Medical Device Startup

Innovation is in our DNA at Battelle, and we extend this experience to your team, offering a unique opportunity for professional growth and skill enhancement as we work together to bring your vision to reality. Whether we start from an idea, a concept sketch, or a prototype, our superpower is turning that starting point into a market-leading product.

Propel your startup with our deep expertise in regulatory compliance, risk management, transparent client communication. Work with our team to nurture a comprehensive, milestone-driven environment that elevates your projects. We're here to help you set new benchmarks, deliver transformative medical devices, and revolutionize healthcare.

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Image: Battelle medical device experts examining a startup prototype
Image: Battelle medical device experts examining a new product

A Trusted Partner to Public Sector Clients

Battelle has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results on large federal medical device contracts, including the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH), The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We adhere to federal regulatory requirements for total project compliance. Our team prioritizes risk management, with robust strategies in place to anticipate, mitigate, and manage potential issues, ensuring smooth project execution and delivery.

With Battelle, you can be confident in a dynamic partnership that values quality, compliance, innovation, and risk management as much as you do.


Take Your Devices to PFAS-Free 

Due to human health effects of PFAS and the accumulation of PFAS in the environment and drinking water, manufacturers are under increasing consumer and regulatory pressure to eliminate polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from products, supply chains, processes, packaging, and waste streams.

Count on our nearly 20 years of PFAS research, consulting, laboratory services and alternatives research and development capabilities to help you confidently identify, quantify, remove and replace PFAS in your medical devices.


Image: Hand holding a circular economy symbol to represent PFAS replacement in medical devices

Is Your Medical Device Designed for the Real World?

When it comes to making medical device design decisions, research can test assumptions and provide evidence for informed decisions. The “Is Your Medical Device Designed for the Real World?” white paper will help you identify the best practices for human factors research.
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Doing Business With Us

We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by diverse organizations from government agencies, commercial enterprises, start-ups, to supplier partners. Our commitment to fostering open client communication, maximizing time efficiencies, and nurturing a dynamic and innovative culture positions us as the ideal partner to propel your projects to success.

By choosing Battelle, you can be confident that your initiatives will benefit from our tailored approach, designed to align with your strategic objectives and deliver exceptional outcomes. Our proven track record in driving project success across various sectors underscores our capability to be the solutions provider that can take your device from idea to reality.

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