Advances in Assessing and Monitoring Natural Attenuation

E8. Natural Attenuation Processes

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Evaluation of Trichloroethylene Attenuation Rates and Mechanisms in Support of Monitored Natural AttenuationJ. Pietari, P. Mesard, and T. MuelhoeferPlatformView
Microbial Dynamics and Biofilm Development in Contaminated AquifersJ.F. Mujica, S.A. Rolfe, and S.F. ThorntonPlatformView
Who Says Chlorinated Solvents Can't Biodegrade in the Presence of High Sulfate in Marine Sediments?N.D. Durant, A. Wadhawan, S. Smith, J. Roberts, J. Webb, P. Stang, P. Sones, G. Alyanakian, B. Chadwick, and M. PoundPlatformView
Delineating Background to Support Reliable Selection of MNA for Inorganic Contaminant RemediationR.G. FordPlatformView 
Radioiodine/Iodine Attenuation Mechanisms in Hanford GroundwaterB. Lee, M. Truex, J. Szecsody, and N. QafokuPlatformViewView