Application of Bioremediation to complex Sites

D4. Bioremediation of Sediments

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In Situ Bioremediation Alternatives for Sediments Contaminated with HexabromocyclododecaneH. Demirtepe and I. ImamogluPlatformView
Influence of Capping Material Type upon Biodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in SedimentsG. Pagnozzi, K. Millerick, and D. ReiblePlatformView
Bioremediation of PAHs-Contaminated Marine Sediments Using SMFCs under Different Redox ConditionsH.Z. Hamdan, D.A. Salam, A.R. Hari, P. Saikaly, and L. SemerjianPlatformView
Pilot-Scale In Situ Treatment of PCB-Impacted Sediments by BioaugmentationK.R. Sowers, U. Ghosh, R. Payne, and H.D. MayPlatformView 
Isolation and Characterization of Dibenzofuran-Degrading Bacteria from Contaminated Sediments and their Ability to Transform Lightly Chlorinated DioxinsH.S. Al Mnehlawi, S. Capozzi, L.A. Rodenburg, and D.E. FennellPlatformView 
Measuring Reductive Dechlorination Rates at Environmental Relevant PCB ConcentrationsN.J. Lombard, K. Sowers, B.V. Kjellerup, and U. GhoshPosterView
In Situ Control of Typical Taste and Odor Matters in River Sediments and Identification of Functional Bacteria SpeciesX.-H. Zhang, Q.W. Song, and Y. TaoPosterViewView