Bioremediation Implementation Practices

A7. Strategies for Bioremediation Performance Assessment

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Dissolved Hydrogen Dynamics Associated with Emulsified Vegetable Oil Bioremediation of Chlorinated Ethene-Contaminated GroundwaterF.H. Chapelle, J.L. Landmeyer, J. Schoolfield, and M.A. SingletaryPlatformViewView
Innovative Use of Tetrahedral Plots to Evaluate Remedial Performance and Pre-Screen Monitoring Wells at Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Contaminated SitesK. Sra, E. Daniels, and T. BuscheckPlatform View 
Using Positive Matrix Factorization to Investigate Microbial Dechlorination of Contaminants in GroundwaterS.L. Capozzi, L.A. Rodenburg, V. Krumins, D.E. Rennell, and E.E. MackPlatformView 
Real-Time Field Monitored Soil Gas Data as Inexpensive Line of Evidence for In Situ BioremediationK. A. Morris, S. Walsh, and G.P. SmootPlatformViewView
Measuring Biotic Soil Hydrogen Demand as a Strategy for Bioremediation Potential AssessmentM. Altizer, M. Luna-Aguero, A.G. Delgado, C. Tórres, R. Krajmalnik-BrownPosterView 
Considerations for Improving ERD Design and Implementation PracticesP. Jin, M.C. McCaughey, and R.C. OesterreichPosterView 
Performance Benchmarks Using Timelines: A Simple Way of Assessing Performance of In Situ Bioremediation ApplicationsD. Davis, O. Miller, and B. PolingPosterView