Characterization and Bioremediation of Upstream Oil and Gas Releases

B2. Biodegradation and Remediation of Crude Oil in Cold Regions

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Identifying Active Microbial Communities during In Situ Hydrocarbon Degradation in Cold Soils Using Heavy PhosphateS. Mamet, A. Schebel, B. Ma, A. Ulrich, and S.D. SicilianoPlatformView
Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soils in Cold Climates: A Scaled-Up Field Experiment for the Feasibility of Extending Bioremediation beyond the Conventional Summer Treatment SeasonJ. Kim, R.N. Riess, and W. ChangPlatformView
An Integrated Soil Respiration Model for Assessing Hydrocarbon Biodegradation Activity in Cold Region Site SoilsJ. Kim and W. ChangPlatformView
Field Demonstration of Citrate Amendments for Hydrocarbon Degradation in Cold Region SoilsS. Siciliano, T. Chen, C. Phillips, D. Peak, J. Grosskleg, K. Bradshaw, and T. CarlsonPlatformView
Assessing the Potential of Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) of Hydrocarbon as a Cold-Climate Soil Remediation StrategyZ.D. Bauman and S.M. MercerPosterViewView
Voltage and Microbial Respiration: In Situ Hydrocarbon Remediation SensorsA. Schebel, S.D. Siciliano, and S.R. BurgePosterView
Biostimulatory Solutions for Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Impacted Sites in Cold Regions: Effects of C: N-P Ratios on Degrader Prevalence and Potential Activity in Clayey SoilsL.M. Moehlman, S.D. Siciliano, and T. CarlsonPosterView
A New Microcosm Design for Treatability Assessment in Cold Region Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Impacted Clayey SitesA.D. Schryer, L.M. Moehlman, S.D. Siciliano, and T. CarlsonPosterView