Characterization and Bioremediation of Upstream Oil and Gas Releases

B1. Bioremediation in Marshes and Deep-Sea Environments

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Transport of Crude Oil Aggregates and Associated Microbial Populations: Impact on Biodegradation PotentialD. Curtis, V. Elango, and J. ParduePlatformViewView
Microbially-Driven Fenton Reaction for Degradation of Oil Spill ContaminantsY. Toporek, N. Xie, R. Sekar, M. Taillefert, and T. DiChristinaPlatformViewView
Aerobic Biostimulation of Buried MC252 Oil: Metagenomic and Biogeochemical Assessment of a New Response ApproachL. Fitch, Z. Romaine, V. Elango, and J. ParduePlatformViewView