Evaluating and Mitigating Vapor

E1. Inhalation Exposures from Subsurface Contamination

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Mass Flux Characterization as an Alternative Approach to Evaluating Upper Bound Impacts of Vapor Intrusion on Building OccupantsH.E. Dawson, W. Wertz, T. McAlary, and D. CarrPlatformView
Data Collection and Interpretation to Support Screening Approaches for Vapor Intrusion Risk from Lead ScavengersI. Hers, P. Jourabchi, J. Wilson, H. Luo, R. Kolhatkar, and M. LahvisPlatformView
Estimating VI Exposure Risks: A VI Modeling Approach that Combines the Influence of Wind and Stack Effects on Indoor and Subsurface EnvironmentsE. Shirazi, M. Roghani, and K.G. PennellPlatformView
Empirical Study to Estimate the Air Exchange Rate within a Trench for Modeling Inhalation RisksS. Thompson, P. Michalski, and J. PruisPlatformViewView
The Use and Effectiveness of Subslab and Subsurface Vapor Extraction for Simultaneous Contaminant Mass Removal and Exposure ControlC.M. Ferguson and K. HoylmanPosterView 
How Sewers Were Designed, Maintained and Located: Insights for Vapor Intrusion (VI) ProjectsC.C. Lutes, K. Moffat, and J. KastanekPosterView
Impact of Sewer and Drain Lines in Vapor IntrusionJ.G.V. Ström, R. Shen, and E.M. SuubergPosterView