Evaluating and Mitigating Vapor

E2. Innovative Tools for Evaluating Vapor Intrusion Risk

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Long-Term Passive VOC Sampling Validation under Time-Varying Conditions at a Vapor Intrusion Study HouseY. Guo, H. O'Neil, P. Dahlen, and P.C. JohnsonPlatformView
Real-Time FTIR Monitoring of Parts per Trillion Level Vapor IntrusionsC.T. Laush and T.A. McAlaryPlatformView
Interpreting Vapor-Intrusion Data with Radar PlotsM. SchmidtPlatformView
Evaluation of Indoor Air Concentrations and Exposures and Implications for Indoor Air Sampling ApproachesN. Weinberg, C. Lutes, R. Truesdale, B. Schumacher, and J. ZimmermanPlatformViewView
Interpreting Vapor-Intrusion Data with Radar PlotsM. SchmidtPlatformViewView
Predictive Soil Vapor AssessmentG. Smith, C. Howell, O. Henderson, and N. RyanPlatformView
New Tools for Evaluating Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems and Identification of Alternative Vapor Intrusion PathwayD. Mali, T. McAlary, P. Nicholson, and W. WertzPlatformView
Experimental and Modeling Study on Light Gas Transport in a Soil ColumnC.-S. Fen, Y.-R. Lin, and C.-Y. ChenPosterView
Implications of Continuous Dynamic Monitoring on Vapor Intrusion Mitigation, Naval Air Station North IslandV. Hosangadi, M. Pound, B. Hartman, and M. KramPosterView
Optical Sensor for Real-Time Measurement of Chlorinated Solvents in AirS.T. Sørensen, H. Hansen, N. Hamburger, N. Tuxen, M. Christophersen, L. Bennedsen, Y. Tseng, P. Tidemand-Lichtenberg, and C. PedersenPosterView
Modeling Contaminant Vapor Communication between the Subsurface and Indoor in Vapor Intrusion Controlled Pressure ConditionsR. Shen, F. Yu, and E.M. SuubergPosterView