Evaluating and Mitigating Vapor

E3. Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Methods

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Effectiveness of a Sub-Slab Depressurization System at an Alternative Vapor Intrusion Pathway SiteY. Guo, P. Dahlen, and P.C. JohnsonPlatformView
Assessment of an Aerated Floor System for Mitigating Vapor IntrusionD.A. Egarr, L. Horton, D.J. Folkes, and T.E. KuehsterPlatformView
HVAC Systems for VI Mitigation in Large Buildings: Reliability and Long-Term Performance Monitoring ConsiderationsD. Shea and B. GreenPlatformView
Detailed Field Evaluation of Soil Vapor Extraction to Prevent Vapor IntrusionC. Lutes, J. Lowe, R. Truesdale, B. Schumacher, J.H. Zimmerman, R. Connell, B. Stewart, and J. De LoeraPlatformViewView
Engineering Optimization for SVE of Methane in a Large Shopping Mall in Sao Paulo City, BrazilG.D.C. Mello and R. LattoufPlatformViewView
Reducing Potential Impacts of a Large-Scale Subslab Depressurization System through the Use of Remote, Long-Term MonitoringE. Blodgett, N. Czoschke, K. Eisen, and B. SchwiePosterView
Soil Vapor Mitigation: Urban Complexities for Depressurization System DesignJ.F. Good and J.J. HayesPosterView