Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR)

F10. Incorporating Sustainability Considerations into Remediation Projects

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Quantitative Evaluation of Ecosystem Services for Superfund CleanupsJ. Lipps, C. Pachon, and M. MahoneyPlatformView
Consideration of Ecosystem Services Provided through Remediation Approaches at Large-Scale Mining SitesS. Brown, M. Mahoney, M. Sprenger, and J. LippsPlatformView
The Application of GSR Evaluation Tools in Taiwan and ProspectsC.S. Chen, B.N. Wang, T.W. Chiang, Y.T. Wu, Y.-Y. Lai, and H.-C. HungPlatformView
Sustainability Considerations for 1,4-Dioxane Treatment TechnologiesW. DiGuiseppi, P. Favara, and J. HattonPlatformViewView