Managing Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sites

B8. Combined Approach for the Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

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High Resolution Sampling and Surgical Injection of BOS 200® to Successfully Eliminate LNAPL and Treat Large Hydrocarbon PlumeP. Ejlskov and D. GuilfoilPlatformView
When It Comes to Remediation, LNAPL is a Four-Letter Word: Activated Carbon May Provide an AnswerS. NolandPlatformView
Successful Self-Activating ISCO/Enhanced Bioremediation for BTEX Remediation: Soil Mixing Brazil SiteS. Aluani, C. Spilborghs, E. Pujol, F. Tomiatti, N. Moura, J. Mueller, and G. BoothPlatformView
Bioremediation Incorporated into Treatment Train Achieves Closure of an LNAPL Source AreaK. MorrisPlatformView