Addressing Challenging Site Conditions

E6. Low-Permeability Zone Case Studies

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Success Stories at Low-Permeability Sites: Field Demonstrations of Electrokinetic-Enhanced Amendment Delivery for In Situ RemediationJ. Wang, E. Cox, D. Reynolds, D. Gent, and M. SingletaryPlatformViewView
A Comparative Analysis at Low and High pH Activation of Sodium Persulfate in a Fractured Carbonate AquiferJ. Catanzarita, R. Srirangam, P. Tames, and W. CaldicottPlatformViewView
Performance of Combined Bioremediation and ZVI Emplacement Remedy for Chlorinated Solvent Source TreatmentN. Smith, N. Smith, D. Nguyen, K. Waage, K. Saller, R. Wymore, K. Sorenson, S. Garcia, I. Bowen, G. Guest, and C. KaiserPlatformViewView
Using Multiple Amendments and Delivery Methods to Treat Extensive PCE Impacts in Low-Permeability Soil and Bedrock MatricesT.A. HarpPlatformViewView
DPT Jet Injection for Remediation of Low-Permeability Zones: Full-Scale Case Study Results from Three Years of TreatmentC.M. Ross, D. Eberle, N.D. Durant, W.W. Slack, D. Baird, T.H. Jørgensen, E.B. Weeth, and P. JohansenPlatformViewView
Long-Term Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Monitoring and Effectiveness in Two Adjoining Low-Permeability Soil HorizonsR. Plybon, M. Moes, D. Harbaugh, A. Ng, D. Sabba, and J. ArgyresPlatformViewView
Achieving Favorable Substrate Distribution in Layered, Low-Permeability Aquifers at Hill Air Force Base, UtahG. Colgan, S. Smith, J. Wilde, K. Bradley, A. Castor, J. Cox, T. Isakson, M. Reynolds, and A. DziechciarzPosterView 
Full-Scale Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation of Two Low Permeability Source AreasH. Fariello, M. Sausville, M. Harkness, T. Antonoff, and D. FotiPosterView 
PHYTO-INTEGRATED™ Remediation System to Address CCl4-Contaminated Groundwater in a Low-Permeability AquiferE.G. Gatliff, P.J. Linton, R.S. Rought, D.J. Riddle, and P.R. ThomasPosterViewView
Reduce Long-Term Back-Diffusion from Low Permeability Zone with Horizontal ISCO BarriersH. Huang, J. Fenstermacher, D. Kistner, J. Moreskog, and R. CasselberryPosterView 
In Situ Chemical Reduction of TCE Using Multiple Electron Donors in Low Permeability Subsurface SoilsV.S. Mankad, N.E. Smith, and D.P. LeighPosterViewView
Chlorinated Solvents in Tight Clay/Weathered Rock Reduced 98% in 17 Months at a Superfund Site K. Casper, A. Moore, R. Moore, and O. MillerPosterView 
Remediating 1,2-Dichloropropane Contaminated Groundwater in Low Permeability Media Using Micro-scale ZVI and Organic Carbon AmendmentA. Leombruni, M. Mueller, and M. SunseriPosterView 
A New Process for the In Situ Remediation of Aged Low-K DNAPL Source Zone by Enhanced Mobilization and BioremediationM. Petrangeli Papini, M. Majone, L. Pierro, F. Arjmand, M. Sagliaschi, S. Sucato, E. Alesi, E. Bartsch, S. Rossetti, and B. MaturroPosterView