Addressing Challenging Site Conditions

E7. Cold Region Case Studies

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Monitoring of a Large Trichloroethene Soil Gas Plume: Prior to, during, and Post Soil Vapor Extraction Pilot TestingR.R. Rustad, W. Calicchio, G. Gordon, S.F. Calkin, and D.M. GroherPlatformViewView
Trichloroethene-Contaminated Soil Gas as a Source of Groundwater Contamination in a Deep Vadose Zone EnvironmentG.P. Gordon, S.F. Calkin, D.A. Moore, and D.M. GroherPlatformViewView
River Sub-Bottom Characterization of a Legacy Trichloroethene Release and Relationship to Bedrock Groundwater ContaminationS.F. Calkin, P.T. Thompson, R.R. Rustad, and K.J. HeimPlatformViewView
A Room-by-Room Study of Trichloroethene Exposure Point Concentration Variation: TO-15 Summa versus HAPSITE DataA.R. Quintin, K.A.L. Sarsfield, M.J. Murphy, and L. CainPlatformViewView
Soil Vapor Extraction Pilot Test Effects on Sub-Slab Depressurization Influent TCE ConcentrationsR.T. Belcher, W. Calicchio, G. Gordon, and D.M. GroherPosterView 
HAPSITE® GC/MS as an Investigation Tool for Characterizing Trichloroethene in GroundwaterJ. Besse, W.D. Calicchio, and K.A. MillerPosterView 
A 24-Day Study to Test Methods and Assess Variability of Indoor Air Trichloroethene Concentrations Arising from Vapor IntrusionW.D. Calicchio, D.M. Groher, and K.A. MalinowskiPosterView 
Deriving Cleanup Goals for Soil Gas for the Protection of GroundwaterG.P. Gordon and L.G. CainPosterView 
A Dynamic Three-Dimensional Conceptual Site Model for CRREL: Historical Overview and Environmental Issues at CRRELR.R. Rustad, S.F. Calkin, and D. MoorePosterView 
Optimizing Groundwater Contaminant Capture in a Variable, Semi-Confined Geologic EnvironmentR.R. Rustad, S.F. Calkin, and D.M. GroherPosterView