Advanced Diagnostic Tools

I5. Environmental Forensics

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Tracking Chlorinated Solvents in the EnvironmentI.G. PetrisorPlatformView 
Distinguishing between Multiple Dry Cleaner Sources in a Commingled Chlorinated Solvent Groundwater PlumeK.R. Robrock and P.M. MesardPlatformView 
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: An Improved Source Fingerprinting Analytical ToolJ. Longstaffe, J.S. Konzuk, C. Cheyne, S. Mancini, M. McMaster, and E.E. MackPlatformViewView
Environmental Forensics Applied to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)J. Hatton, W. DiGuiseppi, C. Holton, E. Piña, and N. BadonPlatformViewView
Advances in Oil Spill Forensic Analysis Using Biomarkers and Isotope Ratio TechniquesH. BehzadiPosterViewView
Stable and Radio Isotope Analysis to Identify Sources of Methane during a Remedial ActionR. Coffin, E. Benson, and J. MuellerPosterView 
Characterization of Contaminants of Potential Concern in NAPLs from Multiple Sources in a Superfund SiteC. Prabhu, S. McDonald, S. Gbondo-Tugbawa, Y. Wang, and R. WeissbardPosterView