Advanced Diagnostic Tools

I8. Real-Time Analysis to Inform Decision-Making

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Real-Time Data Monitoring during Source Zone Remediation Using Large Diameter Auger with Steam and Zero-Valent IronC. Soistman, J. Langenbach, and Z. Munger PlatformViewView
High-Resolution Monitoring for Thermal Remediation OptimizationC.A. Hook, A.M. Chrest, R.F. Davis, C.J. Pike, and M.P. SperanzaPlatformViewView
Adaptive Response to Vapor Intrusion during Thermal Remediation Based on Continuous Vapor Monitoring and Web-Based Real-Time Data ReportingN. Clite, M. Lawson, K. Manheimer, M. Kram, and B. HartmanPlatformViewView
Successful TCE DNAPL Source Area Remediation through Real-Time Analysis of Oxidant Concentration during ISCOR. Bunker, J.T. Spadaro, M.G. Sweetenham, F.J. Krembs, and K. McDonald PlatformView 
Real-Time Measurements of Hydrocarbon Concentrations in SoilsN. Sihota and T. MiaoPlatformView 
Application of Navigation System for Real-Time, Large-Scale VOCs and Gas Detection at a Remote Potential Spill SiteP. Berutti and J.P. DavitPosterView 
Source Zone and Plume Characterization Using Smart Characterization and Real-Time Techniques in BrazilJ. Vilar, M.R. Sousa, J. Smith, J. Overgord, N. Welty, K. Haymond, A. Joly, G. Martinelli, C. Umilta, and C. PetroniPosterView 
Rapid Measurement of Petroleum Hydrocarbons during Site RemediationR. Stewart, G. Chien, and L. LinPosterView 
Benefits of Using Down-Well, Real-Time, Telemetric Water Quality Meters to Monitor the Effects of an In Situ Chemical Oxidation RemediationS.V.F. Kozicki, B.D. Symons, and R.M. KickPosterView