Advanced Diagnostic Tools

I9. Use of Advanced Molecular Tools for Site Assessment or Remedy Performance

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Molecular Biological Tools: Where Will the Journey Take Us?F.E. LoefflerPlatformView 
Using Environmental Molecular Diagnostics to Support a Rhizodegradation Closure Strategy at a Service Station SiteJ. Sheldon and J. FriedmanPlatformViewView
Molecular Characterization to Monitor Remedy PerformanceS. Fiorenza, J. Nyvall, and S. LummusPlatformView 
Quantification of Reductive Dehalogenase Peptides Using Multiple Reaction Monitoring ProteomicsK.H. Kucharzyk, C. Bartling, L. Mullins, J. Meisel, P. Hatzinger, F. Loeffler, J. Wilson, J. Istok, and M. MichalsenPlatformView 
Comparing Reductase Enzyme Peptides to Dehalococcoides DNA as Predictors of Rates of Dechlorination of cis-DCE and VCP. Hatzinger, M.M. Michalsen, E. Korver, K. Kucharzyk, C. Bartling, L. Mullins, J. Meisel, F. Loeffler, F. Kara-Murdoch, J. Wilson, and J. IstokPlatformView 
Association between qPCR Analyses for Oxygenase Enzymes and Rate Constants for Cooxidation of TCE in GroundwaterJ.T. Wilson, B. Wilson, D. Taggart, and D. FreedmanPlatformViewView
Comparison of Bench-Scale Environmental Molecular Diagnostics to Pilot-Scale Data during Bioremediation of 1,4-DioxaneC. Bell, M. Heintz, Y.R. Miao, S. Mahendra, P. Gedalanga, and D. FaveroPosterView 
New Genes for Monitoring of In Situ Remediation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Outdoor Mesocosm StudyM.V. Brennerova, S. Guadalupe Zavala Meneses, and M. StavelovaPosterView 
Evaluation of Metabolomics as a Monitoring Tool at Chlorinated Solvent SitesS.R. Campagna, F.E. Loeffler, Y. Xie, and M.M. MichalsenPosterView 
High-Throughput Quantification of the Functional Genes Associated with RDX Degradation Using the SmartChip PlatformJ.M. Collier, B. Chai, J.R. Cole, and A.M. CupplesPosterViewView
Use of Molecular Biological Tools and CSIA to Assess Natural Attenuation of MTBE and TBAD. Collins, N. Longinotti, and D. ChhedaPosterView 
Microbial Community Characterization at Five Chlorinated Solvent Sites following Bioaugmentation with Dehalococcoides-Enriched Culture, SDC-9H. Dang, Y. Kanitkar, R. Stedtfeld, S. Hashsham, A. Cupples, and P. HatzingerPosterView 
Practical Examples of High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Support Engineering and Policy DecisionsA. Rocha, J. Smith, and D. GravesPosterView 
New Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Method for the Quantification of (sup)18O-Stable Isotope Probing Inorganic and Organic Phosphate SpeciesA. Schryer, S.D. Siciliano, and K. BradshawPosterView 
Development of Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) Proteomic Assay for the Detection of Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MTBE) Degradation PeptidesK.H. Kucharzyk, C. Bartling, L.A. Mullins, J. Meisel, and K. NeilPosterView 
Validation of Advanced Molecular Biological Tools for Monitoring Chlorinated Solvent Bioremediation and Estimating Degradation RatesM.M. Michalsen, E. Korver, K.H. Kucharzyk, C. Bartling, L. Mullins, J. Meisel, P. Hatzinger, F. Loeffler, F. Kara-Murdoch, J. Wilson, and J. IstokPosterView 
Detection of Potential Pathogenic Bacteria in Bioremediation Microbial Consortia Using Metagenomics TechniquesJ. Yang and J. ParkPosterView