Characterization, Fate, and Transport

H2. Conceptual Site Models

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Statistically-Based 3-D Conceptual Site Models and Time-Lapse Animation J.D. DepaPlatformViewView
Development of Conceptual Site Models and Evaluation of Groundwater Corrective Measures for Coal Ash SitesJ.R. Hesemann, W. Weber, and E. DullePlatformViewView
Is There a Conceptual Model in a 3-D Heterogeneous Multilayer Aquifer, and How Can It Be Approached?O. Atteia, C. Portois, M. Annable, and N. GuiserixPlatformViewView
Characterizing Contaminant Transport in a Dual Aquifer System with Significant Intervening Vadose Zone Flow for Remedy SelectionE.B. Dieck, R.E. Lees, B. Bond, K. Kelly, and J. BreinerPlatformView 
Traditional Site Investigation and High-Resolution Investigation: Using the Right Tools for Deciphering a Hydrogeological ModelS.S. Aluani, M.C.F. Spilborghs, F.B. Tomiatti, E. Pujol, R.C. Moura, and N.C. NascimentoPosterView 
Developing a Site Conceptual Model: The Influence of Deep Building Foundations on Contaminant Transport M.B. Dail and M.T. JordanPosterView 
Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) Remediation Road Map: How to Get There from HereD.R. Gray and B. DahlgrenPosterView 
Benefits of an "Evergreen" Conceptual Site Model for Remedy Optimization at a Rural Northeast Superfund SiteP. Nangeroni, J. House, R. McGrath, and A. BittnerPosterView 
Use of Contaminant Phase Distribution Calculations to Support Compartment-Based Conceptual Site ModelsK.D. Pennell and N.N. AkladissPosterView 
3-D Printing for Visualizing Sites: Printing Models Instead of MapsC.M. Ross, C.S. Martin, R.D. Walker, B. Jackson, and A. BartonPosterView 
Quantifying Aquifer Recharge from an Unlined Drainage Ditch Receiving Treated WaterK. Sun, A. Brown, A. Barnhart, E. Keene, T. Andrews, and P. SalcidoPosterView 
Complex Challenges at Light Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Sites: An Overview of the NAVFAC Fact SheetD.W. Tomlinson, T. Meyers, W. Condit, S. Rosansky, D. Nair, and N. DurantPosterViewView