Characterization, Fate, and Transport

H4. Remediation Geology: Geology-Focused Approach to Remediation Site Management

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Best Practice for Characterization and Remediation of Sediments and Aquifers: Environmental Sequence StratigraphyM. Shultz, C. Plank, R. Cramer, and H. LevinePlatformViewView
Graphical Core Logging: Maximizing Your Opportunity to Observe Actual Subsurface ConditionsC.P. Plank, R. Cramer and M.R. ShultzPlatformView 
Using Applied Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy to Predict TCE Contaminant Migration Pathways: Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, CaliforniaR.C. Samuels and J.L. GillespiePlatformViewView
Use of Electrical Conductivity Logging for Risk Evaluation at a Gasoline Spill SiteJ.T. Wilson, K. Jewell, J. Weaver, and H. WhitePlatformViewView
The Heterogeneous Homogeneous Aquifer: Remediation Geology from Lessons Learned at CFB BordenD.W. Tomlinson and N.R. ThomsonPlatformView 
A Geology-Focused Approach at Three Industrial Sites to Enhance Conceptual Site Models and Remedial DesignK. Carr and A. ReesPlatformViewView
Site Hydrostratigraphy Refinement: Integrated Field Methods for Characterizing a NAPL-Impacted Sedimentary Aquifer in BrazilL.A.F.S. Ribeiro, P.S. Rego, G. Van de Daele, M.P. Sherrier, J.K. Henderson, C.S. Mowder, and O. MaurerPlatformViewView
Focus on Geology to Improve In Situ Remediation Outcomes: Perspectives for the Remediation EngineerP.M. DombrowskiPlatformViewView
Understanding Subsurface Stratigraphy for PFAS Environmental Characterization Using Modern AnalogsJ. Sadeque and J.M. CuthbertsonPosterViewView
Leveraging Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy to Refine Mass Discharge Estimates: Magothy Aquifer, New Jersey Coastal PlainR.C. Samuels, J. Sadeque, M. Ohr, and S.D. LloydPosterViewView