Fractured Rock

E2. Managing/Remediating Chlorinated Solvent Impacts at Fractured Bedrock Sites

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Treatment of TCE to 30 Meters in Fractured Granite: How to Address a Site When You Cannot Drill and Sample the Rock?S. Griepke Nielsen, G. Heron, A. Bonarrigo, A. Caravella, E. Pearson, and C. SerlinPlatformView 
Contraction of a 15-Acre TCE Plume in Overburden and Bedrock Three Years after Full-Scale Barrier Construction by Controlled-Jet ZVI InjectionG. Maalouf, S. Golaski, D. Bryant, D. Knight, and B. SlackPlatformViewView
ITRC's Guidance for Characterization and Remediation of Fractured Bedrock: Part 1 CharacterizationM.B. Smith, R. Wymore, and N.A. AkladissPlatformViewView
ITRC's Guidance for Characterization and Remediation of Fractured Bedrock: Part 2 RemediationR.A. Wymore, M.B. Smith, and N. AkladissPlatformViewView
PCE and Daughter Remediation in Limestone Bedrock: Brownfields Redevelopment of a Former Tubing Manufacturing FacilityW.L. Brab and R.W. JohnstonPlatformViewView
Stimulating and Quantifying TCE Biodegradation in Multiple Fractured Bedrock StrataP. Hare, M. Harkness, R. Morse, P. Freyer, and J. UruskyjPlatformViewView
How Does Understanding Matrix Diffusion Help to Remediate Fractured Bedrock Sites?K. Johnson, J. Baldock, and K. LeahyPlatformViewView
Implementing Complementary Remedies for Source and Distal Plume Areas of a Mixed Chlorinated Plume in a Fractured Shale AquiferK. Kelly, B. Bond, S. Abrams, and L. ZengPlatformView 
Low-Impact Pilot Study Leads to Expanded Treatability Evaluation Confirming Biostimulation Safe, Sustainable and Cost-Effective cVOC Remediation StrategyK.C. Armstrong and B.L. ForlsundPosterView 
Geochemical and Microbiological Progress Metrics for Bioremediation of Mixed Chlorinated Ethenes and MethanesB. Bond, M. Morris, L. Zeng, and S. AbramsPosterView 
Assessment of PlumeStopĀ® to Manage Back Diffusion at a Fractured Sandstone SiteM. Burns, M. Brown, S. Schoenmann, T. Huff, and S. KretschmanPosterView 
Enhanced Bioremediation in Weathered Bedrock: Modifying ROD Selected Remedy, Design, and ImplementationD. Bytautas, P. Dombrowski, M. Snyder, and C. WeedenPosterView 
Case Study of TCE Source Zone Treatment Using Potassium Permanganate In Situ Chemical Oxidation in a Crystalline Bedrock AquiferA. Franze, J. Kasper, and J. ZubrowPosterView 
Application of In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) to Treat Chlorinated Ethenes in Fractured Bedrock at a Redevelopment SiteF.S. Lakhwala, R. Srirangam, R. Harwood, E. Mertz, M. Meriney, and L. DodgePosterView 
Fractured Bedrock Remediation: Multiple Pilot Test Program Produces Cost-Effective Site-Wide RemediationB.S. Langan and J. BennettPosterView 
Anaerobic Biodegradation Rates and Controlling Factors for Trichloroethene and Its Fluorinated Surrogate in Fractured RockM.M. Lorah, C. Morel, D.A. Akob, R. Allen-King, and T.E. ImbrigiottaPosterView 
Evaluation of ISCO Oxidant-Infused Wax Cylinders within a Tetrachloroethene-Impacted Fractured Bedrock AquiferJ. MacQueen, B. Dietert, A. Lindley, J. Shirley, and G. LyssyPosterViewView
Seeking Site Closure in Bedrock: In Situ Chemical Oxidation Strategy for Treatment of a TCE Plume in Fractured BedrockH. Nichols, E. Sterzinar, B. Blum, and S. AbramsPosterView 
First European Thermal Remediation of Crystalline BedrockN. Ploug, J. Holm, and S.G. NielsenPosterView 
In Situ Remediation of a Fractured Sedimentary Bedrock Groundwater and Overburden Impacted with TCE through Organic Carbon and Soluble Iron Injections: Pilot-Scale and Full-Scale ResultsK. Ramanand, T. Chaturgan, K.D. Dyson, and P. RandazzoPosterView