Green and Sustainable Remediation

D7. Reusing and Revitalizing Contaminated Sites

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Restoration of a Coal-Fired Power Station Site: Science, Perception and RegulationsF. Abo and C. RigbyPlatformViewView
Integrating Remediation Systems with Site Redevelopment: A New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program Site Case StudyO. Uppal, S. Ciambruschini, C. McMahon, M. Ambrusch, N. Najib, S. Abrams, I. Khan, T. Russo, and R. GauppPlatformViewView
Reusing and Revitalizing a Contaminated Former Production and Testing Facility in a Rust Belt CityT. Kinney, M. Coram, and G. TriggerPlatformViewView
Use of In Situ Remediation Technology at Redevelopment Sites: An Overview and Lessons LearnedS. Abrams, L. Zeng, O. Uppal, H. Nichols, J. Good, M. Burke, and J. LudlowPlatformViewView
Seven Remediation and Mitigation Techniques in Use at One Active Brownfield Redevelopment SiteJ.M. Yeager, J.B. Connolly, A.J. Blayney, D.G. Larson, and C.M. RossPlatformView 
Redevelopment of Treasure Island: Overcoming Long-Lasting Remedial ChallengesE. Kimbrel, C. Glenn, D. Shipman, and R. BeckPlatformView 
Commercial Redevelopment in East Bay San Francisco: Managing Residual PCB-Contaminated SoilF.W. Blickle and N. ColleyPosterViewView
Bioremediation and Enhanced Chemical Reduction via EZVI at an Active Brownfield Redevelopment SiteL. Zeng and B. GochenurPosterView 
Simultaneous Remediation of a Former Gasoline Filling Station and Construction of a 10-Story Mixed Use DevelopmentB. Gochenaur, H. Nichols, S. Abrams, M. Burke, and J. HayesPosterView 
Combined Treatment Train to Address Mixed Plume at an Urban Brownfield SiteJ.F. Good, J. Hayes, B. Gochenaur, M. Burke, A. Schmiedicke, L. Zeng, S. Abrams, and M. DooleyPosterView 
Emerging Contaminant Considerations While Performing Due Diligence for Property TransactionsC. Leas, J. Hayes, M. Burke, and J. GoodPosterView 
The Development of Environmental Site Restrictions for Construction and Revitalized Use of a Contaminated SiteT. Kinney and B. LandalePosterView 
Importance of Working with Regulatory Agencies for Cost-Effective, Ex Situ Stabilization of Heavy MetalsM.J. Quimby and J.A. LivelyPosterView 
Transforming Alameda Point: Reuse and Revitalization of a Superfund SiteD. Shipman, C. Rain, J. Ernst, B. Graves, and J. FeeleyPosterView 
The Challenges of Relying on Land Use Planning for Remedy Decisions at Hunters Point Shipyard D. Shipman, C. Rain, A. Brownell, and T. DrewPosterView 
Combining Multiple Remedial Technologies to Accelerate Property Development and Manage Off-Site RiskC.M. Taddeo, D. Taylor, P. Dombrowski, and M. MazzaresePosterView 
Returning Former NFD Point Molate to Beneficial Reuse: The Challenging Cleanup of a Fuel- and Metal-Impacted Sump PondW.L. Carson, T. Schetrit, J.R. Raines, and P. ZawislanskiPosterView