Petroleum and Heavy Hydrocarbon Site Strategies

F8. Managing/Remediating Petroleum Impacts at Fractured Bedrock Sites

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High-Resolution Characterization of an Aged Toluene Source Zone and Plume in a Dolostone AquiferB.L. Parker, J. Fernandes, S.W. Chapman, C. Maldaner, P. Wanner, K. Dunfield, R. Aravena, E. Haack, and D. TsaoPlatformView 
Characterization and In Situ Remediation in a Complex Fracture-Flow RegimeW.L. Brab, D.N. Cantrell, and R. HutchinsonPlatformViewView
Design of a Pilot-Scale ISCO Remediation Using Base-Activated Persulfate in a Fractured Dolostone Aquifer Contaminated by Mid-Distillate LNAPLJ. Halstead and J. LeuPlatformViewView
Pilot Testing of Multi-Phase Extraction Technology for Full-Scale Remediation of a High-Concentration MTBE Source AreasM. Poltorak and D. CollinPlatformViewView
Compartmentalized Approach to Bedrock and Overburden Remediation at a Legacy Petroleum SiteB. Morrow and N. ThackerPlatformViewView
Quantification of LNAPL Transmissivity in Fractured Porous MediaL. Reyenga, J.M. Hawthorne, A. Elder, D.M. Walker, H. Hopkins, and M. MalanderPosterView 
In Situ Injections for Remediation of a Former Gas StationT. Sorrells and M. CritchleyPosterView