Remediation Technologies

B3. Monitored Natural Attenuation

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Groundwater Recovery to Natural Biodegradation: Demonstrating a Better Remedial Approach to ClosureD.R. GrayPlatformView 
Incorporating Background Attenuation Rates into an Active Remedy DesignF. Payne, R. Orens, and B. PreusserPlatformView 
Transitioning to Monitored Natural Attenuation at Active Remediation Sites: A Moving TargetZ. Wahl, C. Bell, and G. GayPlatformView 
Using Mass Discharge Techniques to Demonstrate Natural AttenuationG. Smith, Y. Kho, D. Hoffman, N. Ryan, T. Macbeth, J. Dougherty, R. Wymore, and C. HowellPlatformViewView
Implementing Monitored Natural Attenuation with Multiple Contaminants, Modulating Groundwater Flow, and Multiple Attenuation MechanismsP.W. McLoughlin, J. Glover, J. Wilson, and J. RossoPosterView 
MNA as an Alternative to the Existing Remedial Approach at a Complex Historic Industrial Site with Multiple COCsM.A. Panciera, Z. Smith, D. Bytautas, and W. PennPosterView 
Modeling Microbial Oxidation of Vinyl Chloride under Simulated Field ConditionsP.M. Richards and T.E. MattesPosterView