Remediation Technologies

B8. Lessons Learned in DNAPL Source Zone Remediation

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State of the Practice: DNAPL Source Zone TreatmentC.J. NewellPlatformViewView
Rapid DNAPL Source Zone Characterization with Dye-Enhanced Laser-Induced Fluorescence (DyeLIF)R. Stuetzle, R. Wenzel, N.R. Welty, M. Klemmer, and R. St. GermainPlatformViewView
Polluted Soil Remediation of Heavy Chlorinated Solvents in Saturated Porous Media: Effects of Thermal and Chemical EnhancementsS. Colombano, H. Davarzani, I. Ignatiadis, J. Deparis, D. Guyonnet, E.D. van Hullebusch, and D. HuguenotPlatformView 
Lessons Learned during DNAPL Source Zone RemediationE. GustafsonPlatformViewView
Know Your Enemy: Implementation of Bioremediation within a Suspected DNAPL Source Zone following High-Resolution Site Characterization at Contractors Road Heavy Equipment Area, Kennedy Space Center, Florida A. Chrest, R. Daprato, M. Burcham, and J. JohnsonPlatformViewView
Case Study and Review of Technical Literature Regarding Cost-Effectiveness of Source Control OptionsR.C. Bost, D. Whitley, and Z. ZhoPosterView 
Successful Closure of a DNAPL Site: Lessons LearnedC.A. CoxPosterView 
ZVI/Clay Mixing to Treat DNAPL Source Zone after Previous Implementation of Several Innovative TechnologiesJ. Cox, S. Smith, K. Bradley, R. Gates, T. Isakson, and T. SimpkinPosterView 
3-D Numerical Modelling of an In Situ Field-Scale Pulsed Pumping Process of a Large DNAPL Pool in a Keyed EnclosureQ. Giraud, J. Gonçalvès, B. Paris, A. Joubert, and D. CazauxPosterView 
Benefits and Limitations of Aggressive Source Removal and Treatment at a Chlorinated Solvent SiteC.W. MacPheePosterView 
In Situ Treatment of a NAPL Source Zone Using Combined ISCO, Air Sparging, and SVE to Achieve Regulatory ClosureJ.M. Jeray, C.M. Ross, J.B. Connolly, and C.S. MartinPosterView 
Implementation of a Passive DNAPL Recovery Program at a U.S. EPA Region 5 CERCLA SiteM.L. Schmidt and T. SteibPosterView 
Pushing the Edge of Practicable: Engineered Methods for Non-Ideal Aquifer Conditions for Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation RemedyD.W. TomlinsonPosterViewView
Targeted Characterization Expedites Integrated Design/Construction for DNAPL Response ActionsM.M. Wade and K.D. DysonPosterView 
Comprehensive and Innovative Guidance for DNAPL Site Characterization and Remediation: Capturing Lessons Learned through CollaborationR.A. Wymore, M.B. Smith, and N. AkladissPosterView