Remediation Technology Development

C10. Emerging Remediation Technologies

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Field Demonstration of Foam Injection to Confine a Source Zone of Chlorinated Solvents C. Portois, E. Essouayed, M.D. Annable, N. Guiserix, A. Joubert, and O. AtteiaPlatformView 
Treatment of Chlorinated Solvents by Copper-Amended Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron Stabilized with CarboxymethylcelluloseA. Franze and A. AgrawalPlatformViewView
Taking Sulfidated nZVI to the Field: Key ConsiderationsA. Nunez Garcia, J. Herrera, D. Fan, C.M. Kocur, R.L. Johnson, P.G. Tratnyek, and D.M. O’CarrollPlatformView 
In Situ Remediation of Pesticides, Explosives, and Chemical Weapons Using Heat-Enhanced HydrolysisG. BeykePlatformViewView
Biological Reduction of Multi-Contaminants that Are Electron AcceptorsM. Elkouz, S. Shrestha, J. Gonzales, J. Batista, A. Ayyaswami, and C. LenkerPlatformViewView
Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Bioaugmented Granular Activated Carbon for Treatment of Chlorobenzenes and PCBs in SedimentM.M. Lorah, E.H. Majcher, S. Chow, E.J. Bouwer, A.R. Wadhawan, and N.D. DurantPlatformViewView
Slow Release Multi-Oxidant Cylinders for Remediation of a 1,1-DCE PlumeJ. Byrd, E. Hollifield, and P. DuganPosterView 
Sand Cap Stabilization, Sediment Resuspension Mitigation and GAC/PAC Amendment Transport Optimization Using Innovative Protein Polysaccharide Biopolymers (PPBs)A. Dahmani, F. Dahan, C. Ligeikis, F. Qweider, J. Mulqueen, R. Albino, R. Beach, and S. DamonPosterView 
Sulfidation of nZVI Particles for Improved Performance in Groundwater Treatment Technologies: Laboratory versus Field ExperiencesJ. Filip, M. Brumovský, J. Oborná, R. Zboril, J. Nosek, J. Semerád, J. Slunský, and P. LacinaPosterView 
Aromatic Dye Removal by a Combination of Anaerobic and Micro-Aerobic Degradation ProcessesO.F. Menezes and S. GavazzaPosterView 
Combined In Situ Remedial Approach Using Activated Carbon and Bioremediation to Treat and Prevent Off-Site Migration of a Chlorinated Solvent Plume in Southern California C.W. Lenker, L.M. Rebele, and A. AyyaswamiPosterView 
Introduction of Violacein-Producing Genes into Trichloroethene-Degrading Bacteria to Avoid Protozoan PredationK. Nakamura and T. KatoPosterView 
Enhanced Distribution of Modified Nano-Scale Magnesia for Injection-Based In Situ Groundwater RemediationN.K. Koju, X. Song, N. Lin, and K. XuPosterView