Remediation Technology Development

C4. Horizontal Wells

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Distribution of Permanganate via 100-Foot Deep Horizontal WellM. Fulkerson, J. High, M. Perlmutter, M. Louth, D. Cleland, and C. DelaneyPlatformViewView
Australia's First Installation of Horizontal Wells for In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) and Biosparging: Lessons LearnedP. Balbachevsky, W. Caldicott, M. Mercuri, and M. SequinoPlatformViewView
Effective Treatment of a CVOC Plume beneath an Active Manufacturing Facility Using Deep Horizontal Sparge WellsM. Strong, T. Feng, A. Elliot, and B. DehghiPlatformViewView
Demonstration and Validation of the Horizontal Reactive Media Treatment Well (HRX Well®) for Passive In Situ RemediationC. Divine, J. McDonough, J. Wright, J. Wang, M. Crimi, and J.F. DevlinPlatformViewView
Soil Vapor Extraction Using a Horizontal Remediation Well to Remediate Biogenic Methane and VOCs at a Hydrocarbon Contamination SiteS.H. Bailey, M.E. Pate, and J.R. MosesPosterView 
Horizontal Biosparging: Case Study of Southern California Pilot StudyM. Lubrecht, E. Davis, and M. StrongPosterView 
Pilot-Scale Demonstration and Validation of the Horizontal Reactive Media Treatment (HRX™) Well for Passive In Situ RemediationB. Nzeribe, M. Feng, W. Li, M. Crimi, C. Divine, J. McDonough, and J. WangPosterViewView
Adding Accurate Control to Horizontal Well Systems under Tanks, Roads, Utilities, and Adjacent Owner PropertiesL.I. RobinsonPosterView 
Using Discrete Horizontal Sampling Wells to Fill Data GapsL.I. RobinsonPosterView 
Horizontal Wells Down Under: Horizontal Wells Were Tasked to Target Source Area Under Industrial ComplexM. Sequino, P. Balbachevsky, and M. MercuriPosterView 
Application of Screen Design for Horizontal Injection WellsB.D. Younkin, D.W. Ombalski, and J. MontoyPosterView