Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Communications

G5. Advances in Technology Transfer

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Technology Transfer for Molecular Biological Tools (MBTs) and their Role in Stakeholder CommunicationsD. Taggart, A. Biernacki, and B.R. BaldwinPlatformViewView
NAVFAC's Technology Transfer and Outreach Programs for Environmental Restoration: Sharing Technology Trends and Leveraging FeedbackK. Neil, T. Meyers, W. Condit, and D.K. NairPlatformViewView
Innovative Technology Transfer Approach for a Background Soil Study in Puerto RicoJ. Aviles, D. Cuevas, D. Cutt, M. Maddaloni, K. Mishkin, C. Nace, R. Seda, and R. WilkinPlatformViewView Your Environmental Information GatewayA. Stenger and R.C. BordenPlatformViewView
Key Factors in the Successful Commercialization of Three High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) TechnologiesM. EinarsonPlatformView 
Evaluating Technology Transfer Challenges and Successes: The XRF Case StudyJ. Costanza, D. Crumbling, L. Fiedler, E. Gilbert, and C. PachonPlatformViewView
Improving the Effectiveness of Technology Transfer Programs: Lessons Learned from SERDP/ESTCP Webinar ProgramR.A. Deeb, J. Nyman, and A. LeesonPlatformView 
The National Network of Danish Test Sites for Development of Environmental TechnologyH. Milter, N.D. Overheu, and S.R. PetersenPosterView