Green and Sustainable Remediation

A9. Incorporating Sustainability Considerations into Remediation Projects



Abstract or Paper PDFPresentation PDF
Developing Greener Cleanup Metrics at U.S. EPAK. Giacalone, C. Pachon, J. Santiago, K. Scheuermann, and H. Thornton.ViewView
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 Comparing Microbial to Physical-Chemical Remediation Technologies and Associated Water Chemistry Amendments in GSR Assessments. P.B. Butler, M. McBride, G. Wolf, and E. Ghedia.  View  View
Synopsis of 10-Year Anniversary SURF White Paper. P. Favara, D. Raymond, G. Wolf, and M. Smith.ViewView
 Combining Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination and Solar-Powered Soil Vapor Extraction to Sustainably Remediate VOCs in Groundwater and Soil. D.W. Brown, N. Ume, M. Perlmutter, and M. Louth.  View
Electrochemical and Corrosion-Induced Hydrogen Generation to Stimulate Bioremediation of Perchlorate in Groundwater. C.J. Ritchie and S.D. Warner.  View
A Top-Down Approach for the Development and Implementation of GSR in Taiwan: Progress and Challenges. K.-F. Chen, C.-Y. Li, Y.-L. Tu, P.-H. Chen, Y.-C. Su, B.-N. Wang, I.-H. Chen, and Y.-T. Wu.View