Evaluating and Mitigating Vapor Intrusion

D8. VOC Vapor Intrusion



Abstract or Paper PDFPresentation PDF
Vapor Intrusion of 1,4-Dioxane: Regulatory Myth or Real Issue? C. Bell, S. Sager, E. Kalve, and S. Offenberger.View
Evaluation of Flux Chamber Test Procedures for Management of Contaminated Areas. L. Akiko Araki, A. Yoshinari, R. Franklin, and R. Cesar de Araujo Cunha.  ViewView
Vertical Separation Distance Criteria to Evaluate Vapor Intrusion Risk from Lead Scavengers (1,2-DCA and EDB). R.V. Kolhatkar, H. Luo, C. Gaule, and J. Watterson.  ViewView
Accounting for Background Sources for Risk-Based Decision Making at Vapor Intrusion Sites. L. Goode, N. Durant, R. Ettinger, V. Hosangadi, and M. Pound.ViewView
Vapor Intrusion at Former Manufactured Gas Plants: Do the Petroleum Hydrocarbon Site Exclusion Criteria Apply? D.Y. Marquez and A. Christensen.View
Evidence for TCE Degradation in the Vadose Zone: Relevance for Vapor Intrusion (VI) Site Management. J. Roth, C. Holton, L. Lund, and C. Lutes.View