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C1. Great Lakes Legacy Act Successes and Challenges

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The Great Lakes Legacy Act: Fifteen Years of Successful Partnerships for Sediment Remediation in the Great LakesM. Tuchman and S. CieniawskiViewView
A Seat at the Table: Successes and Challenges in Great Lakes Legacy Act PartnershipsC.A. NigrelliViewView
Unique Aspects of Capping and Long-Term Monitoring at River Raisin, MichiganJ.P. Doody, A.C. Corbin, D.R. Opdyke, C. Pinter, and W.J. MurrayViewView
Lessons Learned for Sediment Remediation Design in the Great Lakes from Recently Constructed RemediesH. Williams, K. Isom, M. Loomis, J. Trombino, K. Kowalk, M. Ciarlo, M. Bowman, and J. BeaverViewView
Great Lakes Legacy Act (GLLA) Used to Focus Stakeholders on Developing an Acceptable Remedial Alternative for Spirit Lake in the St. Louis River (Duluth) AOCS.C. Nadeau, M. Rupnow, and E.R. DottViewView
Post-Remediation Monitoring of the Buffalo River, New YorkK. Searcy Bell, V. Magar, S. Bagnull, M. Reemts, M. Sorensen, K. Leigh, H. Fadaei, M.B. Giancarlo, and R. GallowayViewView
Achieving a Higher Level of Remediation through Public/Private CollaborationB. Bartoszek, M. Thimke, J. Hagen, and R. WeberView
Utilizing a Web-Based Geographic Information System for Project Collaboration, Great Lakes Legacy Act, Otter Creek Sediment SiteD. Klatt and B. JonesViewView
Remedial Design in a Federal Navigation Channel: Section 408 ComplianceJ. Beaver, K.E. McCormick, and M. CiarloView
Contaminated Sediments Assessment in an Urban Great Lakes Strait: Sediment Characterization of the U.S. Detroit River Shoreline under the Great Lakes Legacy ActR.E. Ellison, S. Noffke, K. Kowalk, and R. DarntonView
Collaborative Multi-Agency Characterization of Two Reservoirs Targeted for GLLA Sediment Remediation in the St. Louis River Area of Concern (AOC) in Duluth, MinnesotaM. Kern, M. Mills, J. Lazorchak, J. Hoffman, M. Elliot, H. Bauman, M. Bares, S. Schoff, P. Horner, and C. CusterView
Evaluating the Ratio of Total PAH-34 to PAH-17 in Great Lakes Legacy Act ProjectsM. Loomis, L. Blume, K. Miller, J. Schofield, N. Jannelle, and Z. RahimView
15 Years of Information Management: Complex Sediment Projects, Extensive Datasets, Data of Known and Documented Quality: Supporting and Defending Environmental Remediation by the Great Lakes Legacy ActM. Loomis, L. Blume, J. Schofield, Z. Rahim, and N. JannelleView