Management Approaches and Policy

C8. International Experiences in Contaminated Sediment Remediation

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Remediation Gumbo: Blending Science, Engineering and Construction for Successful Project DeliveryW.A.S. Udema and C. DengateViewView
In Situ Capping of Sweden's Fiberbanks: Will Remedies Established for Minerogenic Sediments Also "Work" on these Organic-Rich Sediments?A.P. Lehoux, I. Snowball, and J. JersakViewView
Assessing Sediment Chemical Status in Europe: Frameworks, Standards and Approaches, Now and Into the FutureS.E. ApitzViewView
Environmental Compliance for Sediment Remediation in CanadaD. Berlin, T. Wang, M. Woltman, J. Dunay, D. Ormerod, and A. CorpViewView
Piacaguera Channel Cleanup Dredging ProjectC. Consulim, M. Masutti, G. Zanin, G. Lotufo, and P.F. SilvérioViewView
Integrating Remedial Objectives into a Capital Improvement Project (Department of National Defence A and B Jetties): Lessons LearnedS. Davis, B. MacInnis, M. Bodman, and D. OrmerodView