Management Approaches and Policy

C9. Remedy Cost and Cost Allocation Considerations

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Addressing Uncertain Site Conditions in Sediment Remediation Bid/Tender DocumentsM. Bodman, A. Smith, K. Ritchot, R. Sharp, D. Osguthorpe, M. Woltman, T. Wang, and D. OrmerodViewView
Quantitative Methods for Allocating Multiple Contaminant Types in SedimentsK. Herman, C. Tuit, M. Sharma, and J. KneelandViewView
A Review of Allocation Methods and Rationale for Method SelectionK. Lasseter, D. Farley, and E. PyneViewView
Small Party Issues in Large Sediment Site Allocation: A Technical Framework for Decision-MakingA.D. Nicholson and P. ZimmermannViewView
How Can the Cost Allocation Process Adapt to an Adaptive Remedy?E. Guyer, B. Petri, A. King, S. Gheen, and K. PetersonViewView
Best Practices and Lessons Learned for an Efficient and Equitable AllocationJ.A. Glenn, P. Spadaro, and A. HackettViewView
The Real Cost of Sediment Remediation: An Update on Recent Remedy Decisions and EPA Cost Policies, Guidance, and PracticeR. Carscadden, B. Starr, L.R. Dunn, and R.K. RobertsView
Fairness in Sediment Remediation: Who Bears the Costs? Who Reaps the Benefits? S.E. ApitzViewView
Local Funding Alternatives for Dredging in Great Lakes Port CommunitiesM.D. FlorianView