Remedy and Restoration Implementation

A3. Remediation of Urban Waterways

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Focused Testing to Resolve Causes of Sediment Toxicity for Ecological Risk Assessment at a Complex Urban WaterwayD. Haury, L. Logan and D. HennessyViewView
Transforming Contaminated Mud to a Productive Urban Wetland: Resolves Environmental Liability and Spurs RedevelopmentM. Thimke, L. Parsons, M. Walter and D. Engbring ViewView
Urban Creek Impacted Sediment Removal and Isolation Utilizing a Geosynthetic Clay LinerT. Litwiller and J. Ruselink ViewView
Balancing Remedial and Restoration Objectives for Sediment Capping on an Urban RiverT. MacDonald, D. Hibbs, T. Boom and A. SantiniViewView
Restoration of an Urban Waterway Design Build Services for Wagner Creek/Seybold Canal, Miami, FloridaDonegan, M. Crystal, D. Levey, B. Madabhushi and G. HicksViewView
I Should Have Seen That Coming: A Case StudyS. Bailey, G. Linus and T. LoorViewView
Willamette River Downtown Reach Remediation at Two Sites: Challenges and Lessons Learned for Future ActionsJ. Palmer, C. Bozzini and J. NealView
Comprehensive Source Tracking of Illicit Discharges in an Urban SewershedR. Murley, J. Travis, J. Kehs, Y. Burhan and D. PilatView