Remedy and Restoration Implementation

A4. Successfully Combining Remedies

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Beneficial Use of an Abandoned Slip for Confined Space Disposal of Contaminated SedimentW. Dinicola, P. Dubé, and C. GuestViewView
Sustainable, Combined Remedies and Restoration of the Onondaga Lake Shoreline, Syracuse, New YorkB. Kubiak, C. Calkins, D. Crawford, A. Eallonardo, C. Leary, J. Marsh, J. Reymond, J. McAuliffe, and W. Hague ViewView
Development of Port Infrastructure with Contaminated Sediments: Marine Commerce Terminal in New Bedford, MassachusettsS. Nilson ViewView
Construction Management Challenges of Combined Sediment RemedyS. McGee, G. Braun, S. Ozkan, E. Ashley, and K. YoungViewView
Port of Everett Pacific Terminal Dredging Project, Everett, Washington: An Integrated Navigational and Environmental Cleanup Dredging ProjectB. Tracy, A. Joshi, J. Herzog, D. Heriks, and E. GerkingView 
Integrated Lake and Upland Remediation and Redevelopment along 3 Miles of Onondaga Lake ShorelineE.C. Glaza, M.A. Arrigo, J.P. McAuliffe, and W. HagueView 
Bank Remediation and Stabilization along the Tittabawassee RiverK.S. Bell, T. Konechne, R. Davis, C. Lefevre, B. Kulhanek, and D. HeinzeView View
Converting a Stormwater Pond into a Multi-Stage Treatment Reactor for Arsenic, Ammonia, and Benzene Including Dredging and Maintenance of Chemocline at the Groundwater/Surface Water Transition ZoneT. Majer, M. Kelley, B. Thompson, C. Elder, C. Elmendorf, and J. GabrielView 
Combining Remedies for Contaminated Sediment at Southeast Loch, Pearl Harbor, HawaiiK. Markillie, S. Sahetapy-Engel, and W. WenView