Track A: Innovations in Bioremediation Technologies
A2. Engineering Biogeochemical Transformation




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Viewing the End from the Beginning: Designing for the Transition to Long-Term Passive Phases of In Situ Chlorinated Solvent Treatment
J.M. Tillotson, M. McCaughey, S. Justicia-Leon, and C. Divine
Spatial and Temporal Application of Two Remedial Technologies at an Active Industrial Site Help Manage the Environmental Risks
R. Srirangam, F. Lakhwala, A. Kokorsky, and J. Wood
Min-Traps for Collection and Analysis of Reactive Iron Sulfide Minerals for Abiotic CVOC Degradation
C. Divine, S. Justicia-Leon, J. Tilton, D. Liles, D. Taggart, and K. Clark
Passive Treatment of Metals-Impacted Water Using Sulfate-Mediated Metals Reduction (SMMR)
R. Le, J. Smith, T. Carlson, M. Williams, D. Graves, S. Cronk, K. Cracchiola, and S. Dworatzek
Application of a Combined Biological, Chemical and Biogeochemical Treatment of a Trichloroethene Plume in Northern California
A. Chemburkar, D. Leigh, and S. Telesz